[SGDC] Meeting Summary

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Tue Oct 28 22:42:01 EDT 2014

Hello SGDC,
I'm glad we had our stumble through with the Jacobus games tonight to kind
of see where we stand. Overall, we learned a lot and I think everyone knows
where they stand.  Do not let the passing of tonight's deadline slow you
down, we still have to make significant progress each week as the machine
will be unveiled sooner than you may think.  Below is the long list of
announcements I promised to send out:


   Paid Internship with inGenius Prep

      Html, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL, Database
      management, integrations using API's and WebHooks (itduzzit,
zapier, IFTTT,
      etc.), Ruby on Rails, versioning, AWS, organized and efficient
bug testing.

      For more info, email the alias sgdc at stevens.edu

   House Keeping

      Designing T-shirts for next semester

         Feel free to submit to SGDC at stevens.edu over the next couple weeks

      Need a new club logo for the banner, Jacobus, and the future (asap,
      Frank will be sending one tomorrow and if it's good we're using it)

      Club voted: We will be having a Board Game Jam during one of our
      weekly meetings, probably on 11/18/14


      Need web-compatible score-based games NOW

      Game Jam 2

   RAGE Game Jam

      11/10 at 5 pm to 11/14 at 8 pm

      Showcase at super epic lan on 11/15

      Need posters (ASAP, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)

      Table Sitters

      Need an 800 pixel wide by 200 pixel tall teaser banner for RAGE
site before
      Friday, doesn't need to be super informative just "SGDC RAGES Game
      Jam, opens 11/10" or something


      To schedule a time slot to test your game on the machine, email
      kquigley at stevens.edu a few days in advanced

   Jason's Business

      CS Club - to join email pgrasso at stevens.edu or jgardell at stevens.edu
      saying so (Meeting this Thursday at 9 pm in BC 308)

      Website needs serious work.  If no one volunteers Quigley is gonna do
      it. As motive, feel free to visit

   -Kevin Quigley
   SGDC President
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