[SGDC] Welcome New Members/Upcoming Events

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Wed Sep 3 22:44:53 EDT 2014

Hello SGDC,
We had an amazing club fair turnout today so thanks for those who helped
out at the table. Similarly, I'd like to welcome the new members who signed
up with us today to the club. If anyone knows someone who didn't get to
sign up today, have them email SGDC at stevens.edu and we'll take care of it.
We have a very fun semester planned as it is and today we were enlisted in
a mission known solely as "The Jacobus Project". But what could this be?
What does SGDC have to do with Jacobus?

 To find out, simply attend the very important *General Interest Meeting
next Tuesday 9/9 at 9 pm in Lieb 318. *This meeting is going to outline the
semester in addition to give important details such as the date of the
first game jam, so be sure to be there.

Lastly, we have been asked to attend the* IGDA NJ Arcade and Demo Night on
9/30*. It's basically a developer showcase. To register your game or see
event details, go to
and check it out. I will probably be there.

Hope to see you all next week! Feel free to email the alias with questions,
comments, or concerns at any time at SGDC at stevens.edu.

-Kevin Quigley
SGDC President
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