[SGDC] Need Game Info For Website

Jason Gardella jgardell at stevens.edu
Mon May 25 13:52:03 EDT 2015

Hey everyone,

Hope you've all had an enjoyable summer so far! Now that I've had some free
time, I've been working on our club's website. You can view the current
site here <http://sgdc.github.io/#>. As you can see, I made a catalog page
to display all of our games. The games are displayed in a grid, and
clicking on them brings up more info.

What I need from everyone is the info for their games, so I can add it to
the page. Here is the info I need for each game:

*Name:* game name
*Desc:* short description of game
*Devs:* list of devs
*Event:* event game was made for
*Image: *128x128 image for game
*Play:* link to where the game can be played/downloaded
*Source:* link to source code for game
*Amazon: *link to amazon app store page
*Google: *link to google play store page
*Apple:* link to apple app store page
*Steam: *link to steam page

If you are familiar with git, you can fork the repo and add the info I need
yourself, and submit a pull request and I will merge it in. Each game has a
.json file in the /data/games/ folder. Add your json file there with the
appropriate info (follow the same format as the other files). Add the name
of your .json file to the data/games.json list. Put the image for your game
in the /img folder.

If you are not familiar with git, just send me all the info and I can take
care of it for you. Note that some of the games are already in the catalog,
so if you see your game is already there, just check to make sure all the
info is correct. If not, please let me know and I'll correct it.

Thanks everyone! The site is still heavily WIP but let me know if you have
any suggestions.

Jason Gardella
- SGDC Vice President
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