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Hey everybody!

We have our meeting tomorrow at 9:30pm, but I wanted to send this out to
everyone ahead of time! We have been invited to a Game Jam down in Texas.
If people are interested, I would need a list of definitive attendants by
the end of the meeting tomorrow. There are sleeping areas at the jam. I aim
to ask for funding from the SGA for a conference. There is no guarantee
there will be money to give, but I need to figure this out ASAP, as
registration is due on the 9th.

The game jam is from September 23rd-25th. If you're *definitely *interested
in going, please email me, or let me know at the meeting tomorrow!

See you all soon!
Adam Gincel

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Your school is invited to join Texas A&M's student game jam happening this
Fall. We hope that you can send this message out to your faculty and

[image: Chillennium_Letterhead_2.png]

You are invited to Chillennium!

Chillennium is a student game jam hosted by the Department of Visualization
at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX from September 23rd to
September 25th. Chillennium is completely put on by students for the
benefit of students. We want to create a collaborative environment for your
students to put their skills to the test through designing and developing a
game in under 48 hours.

Spread the Word

You can let other people know about Chillennium by distributing our
brochure (attached below), inviting them to visit our Facebook
and Instagram
page, or forwarding this email to friends, faculty, and other students.

But What About Costs?

For those of you with a long way to travel, do not let cost deter you from
participating in the Game Jam. We suggest asking for monetary assistance
from a department or organization at your college, or even fundraise on
your own in order to cover travel costs. You may be surprised by the amount
of support you can muster from your own college community!
Ready to Jam?

All enrolled college students are encouraged to register. The registration
fee is $15 per student. Accompanying faculty are invited to register for
free as a Mentor for the event. Throughout the duration of the jam, there
will be also respected Mentors from the gaming industry - including EA,
Bioware, Virtuix, and more - to aid your students in the development of
their games. This is an amazing opportunity for your students to network
with professionals in the field of gaming. All meals, plenty of snacks,
sleeping areas, and shower facilities will be provided. Registration ends
September 9th at 11:59pm!

For more information, email us at livelab.gamejam at gmail.com or visit our
website at www.chillennium.com

Students - Let's Jam!

Faculty - Come Jam with Us!

Want to know more? Visit our website!


*Chelsey Gobeli*
*Visualization Graduate Student Fall '16*
Mobile: 817.874.1911

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