Adam Gincel agincel at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 23 17:00:42 EST 2016

Hey everybody,

We're having our weekly meeting in Lieb 318 at 9:00 PM. Tonight will be
cool: after some announcements and maybe looking at some cool Valve VR
stuff they released the other day, we'll be doing a test-run of Let's Make
a Game! James will be on the hotseat and we will be his audience, telling
him what to make. Throughout the process we'll analyze what is going well
and what could use improvement. If time permits, I'll enter the hotseat for
music making and Robyn will go on the hotseat for art (Kristen too, if she

Doug Lombardi's Q&A is tomorrow at 9:00 in EAS222! Come on out for food,
drink, and the opportunity to ask questions to a big figure in the gaming
industry with a ton of relevant experience. It'll be fun!

See you guys soon!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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