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Sun Jan 17 01:09:07 EST 2016

Hey everyone!

Spring Semester is almost upon us. The e-board would like to get right into
the swing of things, so *we're holding a meeting this Tuesday, 1/19, at
9:00 PM in Lieb 318*. We have a lot of events to plan, a lot of news to
discuss, and plenty of games to develop. We also have a few new toys from
the end of the last semester, including a club Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Leo
with some parts, and more.

I'd like to get the entire club in on planning the semester, and I'd like
to get everything squared away over the next two weeks. This week's meeting
will be a bit more relaxed; we'll talk about

   - Everyone's break, showcasing any game development efforts from the
   past month
   - game dev news from the past month, of which there is plenty (how about
   that Oculus Rift CV1??)
   - Scheduling of Game Jams 1 and 2, Let's Make a Game, and Showcase

Next week will get a bit more detailed on those things, including potential
poster creation and anything else needed. Being able to advertise these
events many weeks in advance instead of a few days will really help

*TL;DR: Meeting at 9:00PM on Tuesday, come help us plan things!*

I hope you all had a great break, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all

Adam Gincel

SGDC President

*man that's weird, I'll have to get used to that*
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