[SGDC] 1/19 Meeting Summary (Event Schedule and more)

Adam Gincel agincel at stevens.edu
Thu Jan 21 01:01:07 EST 2016

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who came out for our first meeting this past
Tuesday! We saw some cool things and got some good planning done.


*TL;DR: We need T-shirt designs, there's the event schedule except for
guest speaker, Charity Livestream thing will need some motivated people to
get it off of the ground, and Games++ is cool and needs our help--*

The club needs T-Shirt designs submitted to the e-board by February 9th,
which is a Tuesday a few weeks away. The designs need to have the official
SGDC logo (found in the Student Body folder) on the front, as well as a
Stevens logo (preferably the one with the Castle insignia) on the back.
We'd like to order these in time for Let's Make a Game, which is a great
transition to:

*This Semester's Event Schedule*

Thanks to everyone helping us out last meeting, we have decided on dates
for most of the club's events this semester. They are as follows:

*Game Jam VII*: February 5th-7th (Friday-Sunday)
*Let's Make a Game*: March 5th (Saturday) (Babbio 122)
*Game Jam VIII*: April 8th-15th (Friday-Friday)
*Spring Showcase*: April 29th (Friday)

We will of course be talking about these events as they get closer as well.
The idea for some sort of livestream or charity stream being involved with
Let's Make a Game was brought up at the meeting. If people are interested
that will definitely take some work though it would be very cool. I still
have to get in contact with Doug Lombardi to discuss our guest speaker
event for this semester as well.

Last thing: For those who don't know, Jeff Thompson, our former faculty
mentor and the Program Director of the Visual Art and Technology program,
helps host an event called *Games++* every year. It's a short, 8 hour game
jam open to the public, particularly to prospective Stevens students. I
attended last year, both helping out as a volunteer and participating in
the jam, and it was a great time. He has reached out to us for help and
support and will likely be coming to one of our meetings in the near
future. The event is on *Saturday, March 12th* and all are invited, both to
help and to participate.

Thanks for a great first meeting, and see you all next week!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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