[SGDC] Screenshot Sunday

Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 20:06:08 EDT 2017

Hey everyone,

The semester is almost upon us! I missed Screenshot Saturday yesterday so
here are some highlights from club members.

*Kujira *- Chris Kuras, Christian Bowense, Alex Massenzio
[image: Inline image 2]

Kujira is looking more and more impressive every time I see it. I'm really
really excited to see its debut in the coming weeks! Here's a shot of some
new enemies and an upgraded harpoon attack.

*Spin & Back Seat Baby *- Richard Kopelow

Spin is live on the Play Store! If you have an Android phone check it out.
It's a really addicting puzzle game.

Also, Richard worked with a team on a VR jam game -- Back Seat Baby!

You can play the game on Oculus Touch -- download here:
Definitely check out the video -- it looks really fun!

*Big Palladium* - Adam Gincel
[image: Inline image 1]

Menu update is in progress -- added two new characters and am working on
the menu bg. Excited to show you all Big Palladium in the coming weeks.

That does it for this week -- I hope you all enjoy the last week of summer!
By this time next week we will have run a whole SGDC Club Fair, and gauged
interest in a whole new year of members!

SGDC President
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