[SGDC] Meeting Tonight: Talk/Q&A feat. Game Revenant Team!

Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Tue Oct 23 14:31:00 EDT 2018

Hi everyone!

[[TL;DR: Game Revenant team coming tonight! Talk about the process of
developing and publishing Where Shadows Slumber followed by Q&A! People
with actual real-world experience as indie developers! Don't miss it!]]

Hope you're all hyped up! Tonight's meeting features a talk from the Game
Revenant team, developers of Where Shadows Slumber. There will be four
people from the team coming to our meeting tonight to talk about the
process of developing and publishing the game as well as answer any
questions you might have about their experiences after the presentation.
The presenters will be Frank DiCola (CEO and artist, Stevens alum), Jackson
Kelly (lead programmer, Stevens alum), Alba S. Torremocha, and Noah Kellman
(audio design, PHÖZ). The game is fully released in mobile app stores if
you’d like to get a feel for it and there's an official trailer here

We won’t spoil too much of it, but what you can expect to be covered in the
presentation is the development of the game from a concept to an MVP to a
polished product, demoing the game to an established player base and
building off of feedback, and the process of publishing to a mobile app
store. As mentioned, the presenters will be open to a Q&A after their talk
for anything you'd like to ask them about their experience as indie devs.

Another announcement, Game Jam D will be Nov. 2-9 and the theme submission
form will be sent out tonight after the meeting, so be on the lookout for

See you tonight,

Nick C.
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