[SGDC] Learn Jam this Sunday!

Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Fri Sep 14 20:48:20 EDT 2018

Hello all!

[[TL;DR: Learn Jam is coming up this weekend! BC122 at 12:00 PM this
Sunday, the 16th! Perfect for getting started in game dev. Schedule below!]]

Y'all ready for Learn Jam? Cuz it's coming. For anyone who doesn't already
know what Learn Jam is, it's going to be a set of starter-level, hands-on
tutorials for some super useful game dev tools. These tutorials will be
structured as step-by-step walkthroughs with which you can easily follow
along on your own computer. In our lineup we've got Unity, Unreal Engine 4,
Gamemaker Studio 2, Git, pixel art in Krita, and 3D modeling in Blender.
We'll be starting at the fundamental basics, so no prior experience with
programming or game development is required to get something out of these
lessons, and assistance from our presenters and club members will be
available if you have questions at any point.

All the software we will be using during the tutorials is available for
free download (barring Gamemaker Studio, but the free trial version of that
will work just fine for what we aim to accomplish during the lesson), so
you don't have to spend a dime to participate, though it is strongly
recommended that you install any software you'd like to use to follow along
prior to the event.

Along with this, free pizza, snacks, and drinks will be provided at the
event. Starting time is 12:00 PM, and ending time is 5:00 PM, and you can
find below a schedule for the lessons we have planned.

If you're looking for something to get you started in game dev or want to
try learning something new about the game dev process, this event is the
perfect place to make it happen.

See you there,
Nick C.

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Stevens Institute of Technology Class of 2020
Electrical Engineering
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Stevens Game Development Club Secretary
732-306-1487 (cell)
Rayu#0847 (Discord)
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