[SGDC] Elections via Discord TONIGHT!

Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 24 06:36:10 EDT 2020


[TLDR: Discord GBMs in GBM channel. Same time. Elections Mar 24th at 9.
Lots of updates. Would appreciate y’all reading through this one!]

First and foremost, our GBMs will be moved to discord for the duration of
this situation. We have created a "GBM" voice channel that we will use for
this purpose, and any demonstrations/presentations/visuals will be
displayed using discord's streaming service so that we can run interactive
meetings through the quarantine. Our meetings will still be held on Tuesday
nights at 9:00 pm. Just hop on into the "GBM" discord channel at that time
to attend.

Second: elections! We're VERY sorry about the short notice, but elections
will be held tonight, Tuesday, March 24th via discord. With everything
that's changed we've had to make some last-minute updates to our
proceedings which will be fully explained during the meeting. Nominees may
still give speeches in the discord voice channel, so please do have those
ready if you are running The #elections channel will be used to document
discussion. The current nominees are:

President: Owen Zila
VP: Owen Zila, Jared Pincus, Wesley LaFerriere, Luca Pieples, Matt Drehobl
Treasurer: Wesley LaFerriere, Franklin Shack, Luca Pieples
Secretary: Jared Pincus, Franklin Shack, Luca Pieples

No further nominations can be accepted. We will be voting using a single
transferable vote system for each position, and votes will be collected via
Google forms when it’s voting time. Only votes from voting members will be
counted, but non-voting members may still be present for discussion. A list
of voting members will be sent in the #announcements channel of our discord

Finally, our events will also probably have to be remote. We will push
through this, but please look out for more details regarding our events

Thank you all for sticking with us through this!
Nick C.
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