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Hello again,

[TLDR: Elections postponed, will be Mar 31, 9 pm. Discord meeting in GBM
voice channel tonight at 9: brainstorming session focused on co-op games.]

So we've recently received an update from the SGA announcing that the
election period has been postponed until next week. With that in mind, we
still plan on holding a meeting tonight which will hopefully iron out all
the kinks we run into with this new discord GBM system, so please still
tune into the GBM voice channel tonight at 9 to join us!

With regard to elections, everything mentioned in the previous update email
still stands EXCEPT for the date of the election. The elections will now be
held NEXT week on Tuesday, March 31st at 9:00 pm.

Tonight we will be hosting a brainstorming meeting. In light of the current
situation, we want to focus on bringing people together, so our theme for
brainstorming tonight will be multiplayer games, specifically games that
can be played cooperatively! Tonight you'll be divided up into small teams
and given 30 minutes to flesh out a co-op game idea as much as you can, so
feel free to think on some ideas beforehand! Hope to see you all there and
thanks again for sticking with us!

Nick C.

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