[SGDC] Elections tonight! 9pm on Discord

Jared M Pincus jpincus at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 31 13:22:26 EDT 2020

Elections for the fall's eboard tonight (3/31) @ 9pm on SGDC's Discord!

Come one, come all! Tonight we'll be holding the elections for SGDC's fall 2020 eboard! After that, we'll discuss some things regarding the fall's budget, and other housekeeping.

President: Owen Zila
VP: Owen Zila, Jared Pincus, Wesley LaFerriere, Luca Pieples, Matt Drehobl
Treasurer: Wesley LaFerriere, Franklin Shack, Luca Pieples
Secretary: Jared Pincus, Franklin Shack, Luca Pieples

Club members eligible for voting: (If you think you should(n't) be on this list, message an eboard member)
David Krauthamer
Franklin Shack
Luca Pieples
Matthew Oyales
Eric Fernandes
Matthew Drehobl
Joseph Vasallo
Jarod Bisnar
Justin Tavara
Randy Krauss
Nicholas Ciulla
Owen Zila
Wesley LaFerriere
Jared Pincus
Sun Bachrach
Katherine Bryant
Matthew Vaysfeld
Thomas Colarusso
Roger Shagawat
Randy Krauss
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