[SGDC] Teaching Assistant Opportunity (Paid)

Franklin Shack fshack at stevens.edu
Wed Oct 21 00:33:04 EDT 2020

Hi all!

Alumnus Frank DiCola is teaching a one-day game programming in Unity crash
course for high school students on November 21st. This virtual class is
being run by the Summer Pre-College program at Stevens, as a make-up event
since everything got cancelled over the summer. Frank needs a Teaching
Assistant (TA) who is willing to help out during the three hours of class
time by helping students who are not grasping the material. Since the
students are high schoolers who are new to Unity, this Teaching Assistant
just needs to be someone who has programmed in Unity before - you will
definitely know enough to handle their questions. Compensation for teaching
that day is $300.

If you're interested, email him at contact at GameRevenant.com and set up a
time to talk. He needs to know who is interested as soon as possible.

Franklin Shack
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