[SGDC] Spring Elections Tonight!

Nicholas Buckley nbuckley at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 22 09:24:41 EDT 2022

Hey Humanoids, it’s Nick from the Game Dev Club,

A reminder that tonight at 9pm we will be having our spring elections in Babbio 122. The candidates for each position and voting members are as follows:

President: Franklin Shack, Stephen Schmidt
Vice President: Franklin Shack, Stephen Schmidt
Treasurer: Nick Buckley, Graham Teller
Secretary: Chris Kang

Voting Members:
Franklin Shack
Nick Buckley
Stephen Schmidt
Christopher Kang
Logan Tenner
Kyle Macadaeng
Joshua Gorman
Philip Russo
Graham Teller

Conditional Voting Members (If they show up to the election they can vote):
Michael Socas
Nicco Carleton
Wilson Jeng

If you believe I mistake has been made, reach out to an eboard member on discord or respond to this email. See you all tonight!
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