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Michele Friedner michelefriedner at uchicago.edu
Wed Nov 14 11:58:34 EST 2018

Hi All,
I am new to this list and very happy to be on it! I am currently writing a
book on cochlear implants in India. While conducting research, I heard a
lot about issues of "maintenance" from my interlocutors in the field as
many of the state governments and the national government as well have
programs providing children living below the poverty line with implants but
then they don't pay for maintenance-- cables, batteries, replacement parts
of all kinds, etc. Families often spoke of "maintenance problems." I've
been trying to get a handle on theoretical and empirical literature on
maintenance and would love some suggestions. I've read the work on one of
Lee's syllabi on maintenance and it is also interesting think more broadly
about maintenance in the case of disability-- wheelchairs, cochlear
implants in the US (I know there were presentations about both at last
year's conference!).
Thanks so much and grateful for suggestions,

Michele Friedner
Assistant Professor
University of Chicago
Department of Comparative Human Development
Rosenwald Hall 318i
Sign up for office hours at: www.calendly.com/michelefriedner
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