[Themaintainers] Data Feminism - Call for Feedback

Lee Vinsel lee.vinsel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 12:19:00 EST 2018

Hi, everybody.

I hope all of you are well. Bit of an ice storm here in Blacksburg today,
and my family and I are shut in on our mountain.

I wanted to bring something neat to your attention:

Catherine D'Ignazio (Assistant Professor, Emerson College) and Lauren Klein
(Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology) are putting their
forthcoming book, Data Feminism, through an open peer review process at MIT
Press. They have asked me to comment on chapter six, "Show Your Work,"
which focuses on labor. But I think you'll see the book covers many
interesting and important themes, including several threads that connect to
The Maintainers.

Take a look: https://bookbook.pubpub.org/data-feminism

Catherine and Lauren said they'd be happy to receive comments in whatever
way. They are especially keen to have people put up public comments, so
that there can be interaction between commenters. But email also works, and
I have copied them here.

Very best to all,


Assistant Professor
Department of Science, Technology, and Society
Virginia Tech
Twitter: @STS_News
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