[Themaintainers] Maintainers Europe @ APIdays: December 12, 2018

Andrew Russell arussell at arussell.org
Fri Nov 23 13:56:35 EST 2018

Hi everyone - 

I’m writing with some exciting news: we’re holding a MAINTAINERS EUROPE <https://www.apidays.co/paris2018maintainers> conference in Paris on December 12, 2018.  This is an event about Maintainers with a focus on Open Source Software, and how code maintenance can teach and learn from global maintenance practices.

Maintainers Europe is a track within APIdays <http://www.apidays.co/>, a series of conferences on APIs (for the uninitiated: application programming interfaces).  APIdays in Paris is gathering 2000+ worldwide API experts around the latest API, Microservices, and Containers technologies for the digital society and digital economy.  We’re grateful and excited to be partnering with Mehdi Medjaoui and his APIdays team.  

Maintainers Europe follows the model that APIdays uses at conferences around the world: a mix of keynote speakers and an “unconference” format that maximizes opportunities for discussion and interaction.  

Confirmed keynote speakers include:
- Vladimir de Turkheim, core maintainer of Node, Security Group
- Olivier Tassinari, core maintainer of MaterialUI
- Shelby Switzer, Head of Integration at Healthify
- Tibor Vass, core maintainer at Docker
- Isabelle Reusa, Creator of API (dot) Culture
- Andy Russell, co-creator of The Maintainers

To register and participate:
Visit https://www.apidays.co/paris2018maintainers <https://www.apidays.co/paris2018maintainers> and follow the “Register” link to eventbrite, and use the discount code MAINTAINER. You can also use this link <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/apidays-paris-main-event-the-new-api-stack-for-a-programmable-society-tickets-47640705633?discount=MAINTAINER> if all else fails. Registration is FREE, thanks to the support of APIdays sponsors.  Note that while APIdays is itself a 2-day conference on December 11-12, this registration is good only for the Maintainers Europe track on December 12. 

Also from https://www.apidays.co/paris2018maintainers <https://www.apidays.co/paris2018maintainers> you’ll see that you can propose an unconference topic.  This is your chance to set the agenda for the conference: what topics around maintenance, open source, and related issues should we discuss?  How could we use this meeting to advance the maintainers agenda in the digital, material, and social worlds?  You’re welcome to submit topics <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdO4kYDqTReecp9fDey9qx3BsX6CR7v9VI7Ou5chAuFE7zV8g/viewform> even if you can’t join us in Paris - we’ll be sure to report back after the conference. 

I’m happy to answer questions, and please help us spread the word.   

I hope to see some of you in Paris!  If you plan to attend, and you’d like to help facilitate unconference sessions, please let me know :)


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