[Themaintainers] Introductions: Chela, MIII Information Track co-chair

chela weber chelascott at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 20:57:36 EDT 2019

Hi folks,

I'm Chela Scott Weber, one of the co-chairs for the information maintenance
for the MIII conference. I'm an archivist, librarian, and administrator,
currently employed as a Senior Program Officer for the OCLC Research, one
of the world's leading centers devoted exclusively to the challenges facing
libraries and archives in a rapidly changing information technology
environment. Before OCLC, I worked in a number of of archives documenting
the creation and maintenance of home, workplace, and transportation
technologies and infrastructure, including the Benson Ford Research Center
at the Henry Ford, the New York Transit Museum, the Microsoft Archives, and
the Tamiment Library and Wagner Labor Archives at NYU, and with collections
documenting local communities and their built environments at the Brooklyn
Historical Society and California Historical Society.

I first became aware of the Maintainers through my friend and colleague,
Hillel Arnold, who is also an info track co-chair this year. I've been
lurking on the sidelines, reading papers and blog posts, for a while now
and am excited to be actively involved through helping to organize the
conference. In my role as co-chair of the information track, I hope to
encourage a broad array of information maintainers to reflect on their
work, and encourage a view of information maintenance work as worthy of
reflection and examination.

I also have a keen practical interest in wardrobe maintenance and repair,
so if you want to talk sock darning or compare sashiko stitches, I'm your


Chela Scott Weber
twitter: partly_cloudy
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