[Themaintainers] 'Human-Computer Insurrection'

Camille E. Acey connect at camilleacey.com
Sat Apr 27 19:24:00 EDT 2019


"The HCI community has worked to expand and improve our consideration of the societal implications of our work and our corresponding responsibilities. Despite this increased engagement, HCI continues to lack an explicitly articulated politic, which we argue re-inscribes and amplifies systemic oppression. In this paper, we set out an explicit political vision of an HCI grounded in emancipatory autonomy—an anarchist HCI, aimed at dismantling all oppressive systems by mandating suspicion of and a reckoning with imbalanced distributions of power. We outline some of the principles and accountability mechanisms that constitute an anarchist HCI. We offer a potential framework for radically reorienting the field towards creating prefigurative counterpower—systems and spaces that exemplify the world we wish to see, as we go about building the revolution in increment."

This seems up the alley of many people here.
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