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Mon Apr 29 14:53:41 EDT 2019

Hi, everybody!!

I just wanted to draw your attention to some recent publications and
unpublished papers on the history of maintenance in several parts of the
world from historian Philip Scranton (Board of Governors Professor
Emeritus, Rutgers University).

First, Phil recently published the book, Enterprise, Organization, and
Technology in China: A Socialist Experiment, 1950-1971
a history of business in communist China. Maintenance plays a key role! By
my count, it has 37 entries in the index.

Phil also has some other maintenance-focused papers up at his Academia page
including pieces on Poland and China. His recent essay "Managing Communist
about three Eastern European nations also has some surprising findings
about maintenance.

Andy and I tried to give some historiographical background about
maintenance in our Technology & Culture essay, "After Innovation, Turn to
Maintenance." But I honestly believe that Phil's been doing the most work
to push forward our *historical* understanding of maintenance the last few
years - and even better, with analysis of several places around the globe.

I still dream of holding a historical workshop/conference on something like
"Maintenance and Economies, 1850-2000" someday. There's just so much we
don't understand historically yet. We'll see . . .

Best to all y'all.


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