[cs615asa] Some questions.

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Wed Mar 20 18:46:12 EDT 2013

hyan2 <hyan2 at stevens.edu> wrote:

> 1. For this example "To back up the entire filesystem to a volume tagged 
> as `backup' (which, it should be noted, must hence also contain a  
> filesystem) using rsync(1): ec2-backup -t backup -m rsync -d /". Is that  
> means when user want to back up entire filesystem, the back up method  
> must be entered and must be rsync?

No.  This is an example that illustrates one possible scenario.

If the user wishes to back up the entire file system, she can choose any
backup method she likes.

> 2. If the tag of volume is exist but full, what should the program do  
> next? Create a new volume with the new tag name automatically or delete  
> the content of that volume and back up to that volume.

I'm not sure there is such a thing as "full".  Either the volume has
enough space to fit the backup, or it does not.

If the user is trying to back up data to a volume that is not
sufficiently large, then that would be an error condition.

As always, first ask yourself what you would expect from the tool.

> 3. When creating a new instance, what public key should the program use? 
> Do I need to read from system environment to find the public key? Since I 
> find that the user can change their private key to ssh to the server in 
> your example.

Your program does not need to know about this.  If the user requires a
non-default key, he can set the EC2_BACKUP_FLAGS_AWS and
EC2_BACKUP_FLAGS_SSH environment variables, as described in the section
'Environment' of the manual page.


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