[cs615asa] Black Team - Week 2

Robert Herley IV rherley at stevens.edu
Mon Feb 4 17:29:40 EST 2019

Hey everybody,

The Black Team found a white paper about providing quality of service
support in an object-based file system, Ceph. Ceph is a storage platform
that aims to be a distributed and scalable to the the exabyte level,
without a single point of failure. It also replicates data making it
fault-tolerant, self-healing and self-managing, which is a sysadmin's dream.

Researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz developed Bourbon, a
QoS framework designed to work with Ceph to make it QoS-aware, giving it
the ability to isolate performance between different classes of users or
various workloads.

You can read the paper here: https://www.ssrc.ucsc.edu/Papers/wu-msst07.pdf

Black Team
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