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Attention Potential Winners of the 2009 Imagine Cup!


You went to the recruitment meeting. You played the competitors' games. You
took the week to think about it. Now it's time to make a decision.


Tomorrow's meeting is the official first step in securing Stevens' victory.
We're going to decide on our game concept, determine the tasks required to
actualize it, dole out the first project and training assignments, and
formally induct every member into the Imagine Cup and Team Stevens. You must
download the required software, bring your laptop, your schedule, and
note-taking equipment. You can see all instructions and last week's
presentation on the Team Stevens Facebook page.


Remember, once you're formally on the team, you'll be committed. By
volunteering to be a member in Team Stevens, you agree to devote time every
day to bring Team Stevens closer to completing the project, and pledge that
you won't betray the team by abandoning it partway.


Are you ready to lay your time on the line and throw yourself into the
project? Are you prepared to do what it takes to see your school, your
country, and yourself to international fame? Are you disciplined, motivated,
and enthusiastic enough to see yourself performing something life-changing?
If so, prove it by coming to the meeting and joining the team.


Time: Tuesday, October 14, 9:00 PM

Place: Babbio 220

Information: E-mail zfreedma at stevens.edu 


Are you man enough?

Zack Freedman

Co-op Sophomore, Stevens Institute of Technology, EM

Mobile: 973.592.9235 AIM: quagsir195

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