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Here is a message from Zack,

This message is meant for members of the SGDC Boot Camp. If you're not in
Boot Camp, go anyways!


Now, as we all know, there was some technical difficulty in setting up
Visual Studio and XNA, as well as your teacher and SGDA prez dropping off
the face of the earth. Both of these problems should now be considered

To download Visual Studio, visit Microsoft DreamSpark at
http://www.dreamspark.com and sign up. All you need is a Live username and a
college e-mail address, and you've got a veritable library of free Mike
software at your disposal. While you're at it, I recommend picking up
Expression Studio (Not necessary for the course, but Expression Design is a
good vector editor)

You can pick up XNA 3.0 at the XNA Creator's Club Web site at

In case you forgot, your homework was to make the screen fade from black to
white, then back from white to black. Extra credit for choosing two other
colors and making them fade into each other. If you had trouble downloading
Visual Studio or XNA, feel free to rip off my projects at
http://personal.stevens.edu/~zfreedma/sgdc/bootcamp . Pay attention to the
comments - both content and volume. You can never have enough // comments.

Anyways, the next meeting is this Wednesday at 9:00 in Babbio 122, and will
be broadcast live from beautiful San Francisco, California in the heart of
the Game Development Conference. Even without the required gushing about how
the trip is a dream come true, we'll also cover:
    - More about classes
    - Value and Reference Types
    - Displaying s**t on the screen
    - Making your own classes

Remember, this week is your grace period for grabbing that Xbox controller.
If you still need one, send me (zfreedma at stevens.edu) or Ted (
treed at stevens.edu) an e-mail and get that $35 to us.

See you soon (If someone brings a Webcam),
Zack Freedman

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to
say it."

Theodore M. Reed V
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Microsoft Student Partner
Stevens Institute of Technology
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