[Sgdc] Boot Camp 2, Live from GDC!!

Teddy Reed treed at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 24 00:10:46 EDT 2009

Another Message from Zack,

Attention, SGDC members, this is your captain speaking.

I'm currently 30,000 miles above the beautiful US and A, en route to San
Francisco for GDC. On my right, I can see the rolling hills of Bumblef**k,
Nowhere, and on my right, a retired Newfie who keeps stepping on my
backpack. In no place is there any Internet connection, which explains the
lateness of this mail.

For those of you who aren't early adopters (I've been a bit reticent myself
since HD-DVD), last week's Boot Camp was a smashing start - we attempted to
install Visual Studio, learned how to instantiate like the best, and mourned
the loss of my girlfriend's Spore. We cut our teeth starting a bitchin' Mood
Light, which was to be finished for homework. The main question here is,
"How the hell will Zack teach this week's Boot Camp if he's literally across
the country?"

The answer, of course, is the Interwebs. Despite my locational disability,
the magic of Microsoft Live Meeting will allow this week's Boot Camp to
proceed as normal, albeit with slightly more lag. This Wednesday at 9:00,
show up to Babbio 122 as we pick up where we left off, learning more about
objects and methods, and even drawing something beside an epilepsy-inducing
rectangle!* I'll also be talking a bit about my adventures at GDC, showing
some swag, and maybe introducing a few of the industry professionals I've
chloroformed and dragged to my hotel room.

It's going to be a blast and a half! Bring a girl! Bring a friend! Bring a

Roll a natural 20,
Zack Freedman

*Ten bucks says Ted ends up with a Pikachu on the screen
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