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Jason Gardella jgardell at stevens.edu
Wed Sep 10 22:22:20 EDT 2014

Hey guys,

I've organized all the team info about the Jacobus Project from yesterday's
meeting minutes into a more succinct and understandable form. You can view
this here: Jacobus Project Teams

If I spelled your name wrong or got your e-mail wrong or you just are very
mad at me for some reason and want to yell at me, please e-mail me and I
will fix my mistakes / quiver in fear as you berate me verbally.

If you aren't part of a team yet and would like to join one, please contact
the team's project manager to see if the team could use someone of your
specialty. If you are a project manager and decide you would like to add
someone to your team, please let me know so I can add them to this
document. I would like to keep this document up to date, so that it is easy
for people to get in contact with each other.

To reiterate for members who did not attend the meeting yesterday, we have
been tasked to build an  arcade machine to replace the C2GS machine which
is currently in Jacobus. This is a very large project with a lot of moving
parts, and involves people of many different disciplines working together,
as game development usually does. As such, this project should not be seen
as or utilized as an introduction to whatever role you are interested in.
We will be holding a Learn Jam later this semester just for that. I don't
mean to discourage people from participating in the project. I just want to
make it clear that you should not be a complete or relative beginner if you
want to work on this project; you should be able to do something if your
project manager or team head tells you to do it, and if you don't know how
to do it you should be able to look it up and figure it out.

If you are still interested in learning from this project, but you have no
or little experience in the role you would like to fill, we are allowing
people to shadow people who are working on the project, i.e. follow them
around and learn from watching them. If you are interested in shadowing,
you can contact a project manager and ask if you can shadow a certain role.
Again, project managers let me know if you add any shadowers so I can add
them to my fancy list. Just a warning, you may not be allowed to shadow if
the team already has a lot of shadowers, as we would like to avoid teams
becoming saturated with shadowers. But if you are interested, definitely
contact the project manager, as it is up to them to define their own
shadower limit.

Thanks for reading my wall of text guys, take care!

Jason Gardella
-SGDC Secretary
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