[SGDC] Game Jam 1 Rules

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Mon Feb 16 13:36:27 EST 2015

Hello SGDC!
Quick reminder that Game Jam 1 Submissions are due by 5 pm today on the
Facebook page! Playtesting will begin in Lieb 318 at 5 as well so don't be
late if you want to showcase your game! There will be snacks! Message me to
be let in! Exclamation point!
-Kevin Quigley
SGDC President

On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 7:19 PM, Kevin Quigley <kquigley at stevens.edu> wrote:

> Hello SGDC,
> In case you didn't make it to the opening ceremony, welcome to the first
> SGDC Game Jam of the semester! Here's what you need to know:
>    - The Jam will be 70 hours of development followed by 2 hours of
>    playtesting.
>    - The competition opened 2/13/15 at 7 pm and will close 2/16/15 at 5
>    pm, by which time all games must be submitted to
>    https://www.facebook.com/groups/433857053307661/
>    - Iff you do not have Facebook, you may email a member of the eboard
>    the link to post for you with any necessary instructions you would like
>    included.
>    - From 5 to 7 pm on Monday will be the playtesting session.
>    - Asset stealing is allowed but try to avoid it. If you do use
>    pre-made assets, proper credit must be given in an obvious and easily
>    accessible fashion.
>    - You may work alone or in teams.
>    - Engines are allowed.
>    - While playtesting will start Monday at 5, voting will be open until
>    Tuesday at 9 pm. The winner will then be announced during the announcements
>    portion of Tuesday's GBM.
> If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Happy Jamming!
> Hope to see you all Monday!
> -Kevin Quigley
> SGDC President
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