[SGDC] AGDQ Charity Event & Magnemaze Release

Jason Gardella jgardell at stevens.edu
Tue Jan 6 19:28:33 EST 2015

Hey folks,

Just have a quick few announcements. Firstly, I would like to advertise
that our very own Alex Thieke -- who holds the world record for Portal 2
speedrunning, finishing the game in 1h 05m 22s -- will be participating in
Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, an annual charity event in which renowned
speedrunners livestream themselves running games in order to raise money
for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. I highly encourage you all to watch
Alex's runs if you have the chance: he will be running Portal 2 on January
8th at 9:57 PM, and Aperture Tag after that at 11:27 PM. You can watch his
runs, as well as the rest of the runs on Twitch
<http://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick>. For more information regarding AGDQ,
check out their website here <http://www.gamesdonequick.com>, and view the
schedule for all of the runs (there are a lot) here

In other news, our esteemed President Kevin Quigley and Brian Intile have
officially released Magnemaze for free on the Amazon Play Store
and on the Google Play Store
and it will be released soon on the Apple App Store. This game was created
for the first GameJam event of SGDC my freshman year, so it's amazing
seeing how Brian and Kevin have taken a game that they made over the
weekend for a GameJam and turned it into a fantastic final product. It just
goes to show how GameJams and SGDC in general provides a fertile soil for
the genesis of great ideas.

Thanks for reading; see you all soon for the Spring semester!

Jason Gardella
- SGDC Vice President
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