[SGDC] Meeting Summary -- missing item?

Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 01:58:43 EDT 2016

Hey everyone, thanks for an awesome third meeting! I'll keep this email

   - Special thanks to Isaac for showing off some games! If anyone is
   interested in Study Break development please reach out!

   - *Game Jam IX is just around the corner! September 23-25* -- more
   information to come.

   - Find the Learn Jam recordings at http://sgdc.ml/youtube

   - Join our Slack! You can IM us any questions at any time!

   - *Someone left a notebook in the room, I have it. It has some notes for
   Data Structures on graph paper pages. Please email me if you're missing a

   - If interested, you should definitely look into getting the GameMaker
   Humble Bundle at http://humblebundle.com

   if interested in helping out with hardware endeavors, fill this out!

   - To *unsubscribe* from this list, or if you know anyone who wants to
   *subscribe* to this list and isn't already on it, go to

See you all next week!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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