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> I’ve been lurking on this list for a year or so now.

I’ve been lurking for two months.

I’m an IBM mainframer since 1970.  Coding pads, punch cards, tape drives & all that.

Fascinating maintenance challenge to keep the legacy systems  —  where definition of “legacy” is something that works, regardless of 40+ years old or a day old  —  is a huge opportunity for people with project management skills.

Since software is an invisible, largely unmeasured resource—I do NOT like to use the word “asset”… that’s the domain of the CFO & balance sheet—effectively maintaining software is a challenge.

Little factoids on scale…

1/ - IBM takes home $25 billion in annual net PROFITS from mainframe hardware, software & service.  Mainframe applications are not going away.

2/ - there are some 50 major software languages, 1,500 minor languages & a new language is introduced at the rate of one a month.

3/ - 350+ DBMS Engines
https://www.db-engines.com/en/rankings <https://www.db-engines.com/en/rankings>
Click on the “DB-Engines Ranking” tab to see list.

4/ - Apple’s biggest customer is IBM.    https://www.apple.com/business/success-stories/ <https://www.apple.com/business/success-stories/>

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