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G’day Tom,

I’ve found Ursula Franklin’s The Real world of Technology to be useful. She makes use of Kenneth Boulding’s notion of technology as practice, the way things are done. 

“He pointed out that there is a technology of prayer as well as of ploughing; there are technologies to control fear as well as to control flood.”

	Franklin, U. M. (2004). The Real World of Technology (Kindle ed.). Toronto, Canada: Anansi.

You are probably aware of William Turkel’s work:  Turkel, W. J., Crymble, A., & MacEachern, A. (2009). The Programming Historian. Retrieved from http://niche-canada.org/files/programming-historian-1.pdf 

I have a few scribbles that might be of interest….  http://www.chrisbigum.com/cj/FinishedWriting <http://www.chrisbigum.com/cj/FinishedWriting>

Best wishes,


On 21 Feb 2019, at 3:51 am, Tom Okie <wtokie at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all, 
Apologies if I've missed an earlier discussion of educational technology on this list, but I'm in the process of developing a list of readings/viewings for a course I teach called "Technology for Historians and History Educators," mostly to practicing teachers. I take a broad view of technology in the course (we talk about blackboards and codices as well as digital tech), and we'll be reading Larry Cuban's Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom, and some of Audrey Watters' writing on edtech. 

Anyway, I'd be eager to hear if anyone has other suggestions for pieces that might teach well, including pieces that praise edtech, promise innovation and disruption, or address maintenance problems in education. 

Tom Okie
Kennesaw State University
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